Heart to Heart. Mind to Mind.

Opening the lines of communication between you and your beloved pet.

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Improve the quality of your pet's life with Animal Communication.
Ask specific questions to receive a better understanding of what your pet needs you to know.
I give them an out loud voice through the practice of inward intuition. Heart to Heart. Mind to Mind
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Animal Communication

Animals want you to know that you are capable of knowing what they are thinking but also feeling both emotionally and physically. They want you to know that not only are they a good listener, they can actually offer guidance to you about life - job/career, relocating, getting a new animal, etc. Animals came to be with you in your life because they have a purpose to fulfill in your life. The animals that come into your life, simply put, are your teachers.

If you are ready to open dialouge with your pet, call or send me an email. Tell me the name, gender and age of your pet. Send me a picture that clearly shows their eyes. Tell me briefly what is going on and what you wish to share with them and or learn from them. I connect to your pet telepathically, so distance is a non-issue. The Animal Communication service is $100 and includes questions you may have after I have connected with your pet. Future follow ups for that pet are $25. per session.

For Payment Thru PayPal, please paste this link in your browser paypal.me/MASelva

In closing, I ask if there is something they want to tell you. They appreciate being heard and always have a message to share! I then prepare a written summary of what I have received from them as well as any therapy remedies they may have asked for.

In addition, I will test your pet to determine which, if any, modalities will offer further assistance to resolve the issue or support the mental/emotional state of your pet. This evaluation is included with the Animal Communication fee or may be purchased as a stand alone service for $30.

If support treatments are needed or requested, refer to the Therapy Modalities Order Form for pricing.

If you prefer alternate mode of payment, please call me to make arrangements.


Mar 9, 2020
"I think everything is finally lining up for Zoe. A few days ago after Ginger’s death, Pumpkin was sleeping with me in the bed. I was very concerned that Zoe would not like this. About an hour later she came and joined me. I thought for sure she would urinate on me but she didn’t. She slept with me many times since then and all is good! I could not have done this without you and I greatly appreciate everything you’ve done for Zoe and me!" B.F. of Texas



This is therapy utilizing essential oils. The oils are diluted in a carrier oil or water and rubbed on the skin or inhaled throuth the use of a diffuser. Documented veterinary remedies date back to the 18th century They are considered to be:


Color Therapy

Color Therapy

Each color emits it's own vibration and the use of Chromography can assist in healing both animals and people. Colors can be offered in many ways, however, it is best to offer color as a choice. Sometimes the treatment involves the removal of a color.

Energy Work

Energy Work

I have been trained to work with energy the way animals and nature intended – in its purest, natural form. This form of Energy Work is called SASA (Sacred Animal Spirit Alchemy). It is helpful to offer SASA to release the emotions of trauma or abuse, to assist with behavioral issues and to speed recovery from illness or injury.

Flower Essence Therapy

Bach Flower Essence

Dr. Edward Bach, a London medical doctor created the 38 Bach Flower Remedies. Animals are very sensitive to the healing effects of the flower essences. If your pet tests positive for this modality, we then:

Determine which essence(s) are needed
Test for Frequency per day
Test for Duration of treatment
Test to determine if
crystal essence(s) is also needed

Crystal Therapy

Crystal Therapy

All crystals have healing properties that can help animals. Their use for healing dates back to at least 25,000 B.C. Crystals are a powerful healing tool and can be administered in many ways.

Holistic Care

Holistic Care & Homeopathy

Holistic care methods are best used in combination with traditional medical and regular veterinary care. A holistic approach to care looks at an animal as a whole – body, mind and spirit. The ultimate gift any pet parent can give is a state of of harmony and balance in body, mind and spirit.

Basic Animal Communication

Certification April 2015

Holistic Animal Care

Certification May 2015

Color & Crystal Therapy for Animals

Certification December 2016

Advanced Animal Communication

Certification October 2016

Aromatherapy for Animals

Certification January 2017

Energy Work Healing for Animals

Certification February 2017