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Improve the quality of your pet's life with Animal Communication.
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I give them an out loud voice through the practice of inward intuition. Mind to Mind. Heart to Heart.
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What is Bach Flower Essence Therapy
The original 38 Bach Flower Remedies are a safe method of natural, holistic healing. They were discovered and developed by Dr. Bach from 1920-1930's in England. The remedies are made from wild flowers and are completely natural and safe. Dr. Bach combined five remedies to create the Rescue Remedy, the most well known of his remedies. Rescue Remedy is used by pet owners and animal shelters all over the world. While there are other companies that make flower essences, we exclusively use Bach Remedies. Like the custom blended Rescue Remedy we test each animal and blend their own, Unique Special Remedy. Typically the remedy will include 3-5 Bach Remedies. Sometimes the animal tests to combine Flower Essence Blend with Crystal Essence(s) for optimum healing support.

How Bach Flower Essence Therapy Works
Dr. Bach recognized the healing properties of the flowers. They gently restore the balance between mind and body by removing negative emotions which interfere with the balance of the body's health and well being. The Bach Flower Remedies allow peace and happiness to return to the sufferer so that the body is free to heal itself. They work on an emotional level. Animals are very sensitive to this remedy and respond well. Results generally manifest in a few days. The improvement will be subtle but will pave the way for deeper healing.

Instructions for Use

Bach Flower Essence Unique Special Remedy is $28 per custom blend.
Bach Flower Essence plus Crystal Essence Unique Special Remedy is $32 per custom blend.

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