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What is Color Therapy
Color Therapy is also known as Chromatherapy and has it's origin in China, India and Egypt. A scientifically proven technique, chromatherapy has a direct effect on one’s physical and psychological condition. It is defined as a treatment that uses the effect of color to bring about physical and other changes. Color is a form of energy because every color is a form of light with a unique wavelength. Think of a Rainbow. Since every living being is made of energy and every color has it's own energy, colors can be used to restore balance on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. Color affects us ALL, whether we see it or not! Think of what happens when a bull sees RED!

How Color Therapy Works
Color therapy is one of the easiest forms of holistic animal care to use. It is a powerful way to achieve balance and harmony. Color, through its vibrations can calm, energize, and focus thoughts. Even though animals do not see the exact same colors as we do, it is the energy (vibrational frequency) of the color, not the color itself, that aids in healing. Every animal has a healing color. We test to determine what that color is and simply add this it to the animal's environment. It is best to offer color as an option, rather than say, a collar, which they can not get away from. I prefer to offer the color in the form of a towel, blanket, pillow, sheets, etc. That way the animal can come to it when needed and rest from it when not needed. Give them the option. Contact me if you are interesed in learning your animal's healing color.

Light Blue helpful for anxiety
Light Pink aids with seperation anxiety
Light Purple is soothing and relaxing
Yellow can be ideal for depression and illness
Green can be very grounding
Red can stimulate appetite and help with courage

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Color Therapy