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What is Crystal Therapy
Crystals are considered the oldest living entities on earth. The use of crystals dates back to at least 25,000 B.C. Scientists have realized that cyrstals emit a certain energy vibration. They can work on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. Each crystal has it's own quick acting, healing properties. That does not mean that they will cure, but that they will offer the balance and support needed for the body's natural ability to heal.

How Crystal Therapy Works
Over 100 years ago, the Curie brothers of France discovered piezoelectricity. When a piece of quartz crystal is electrically charged as a result of being compressed an electrical current to pass through it. A piece of quartz oscillates at a specific rate, or energetic vibration. This is how they are used in watches. The quartz regulates the energy from the battery and when the quartz oscillates, the gears indicate that a second has passed.

Malachite offers support for Allergies & Arthritis
Red Jasper helps with Aggression
Tiger's Eye offers support for Fear or Anxiety

Clear Quartz protects against background radiation
Rhodite Garnet facilitates healing of wounds and injuries
Flourite helps with poor diet assimilation

How to Administer Crystal Therapy
Essences are very convenient for daily use and can be added to food or water, rubbed into the skin or coat topically, spritzed, or given straight from the bottle. It is completely impossible to overdose with crystal (or flower) esssences. No possible harm can occur from giving extra doses or if they are taken by an unintended reciepient.

Crystals and Life Energy
There is a profound relationship between crystals and the organic matter of which all life forms on the planet are composed. The human and animal body is crystalline in structure. Quartz crystal is made from silica, one of the most common compounds on earth and an important component of the hair and skin. There is also a high concentration of apatite crystals in our bones and teeth. This crystal is found in the earth and can be used to treat osteoporosis.

Cost is $28 per custom blend.

Crystal Therapy
Using Crystals for Rescued Animals
Any animal, and especially one with a difficult past, needs help to settle into its new home. When you bring your adopted animal home for the first time, it may be rather bewildered and overwhelmed, This is where you can start with crystals right away. Smokey Quartz will have a calming effect and helps animals adapt to changes. Jadeite Jade also helps the animal that is stressed by sudden change, especially if it shows signs of fearful aggression. Remember that nearly all animal aggression towards humans is based on fear.

Crystal Essences
Essences utilise the ability of water to record and store the energy signature of the stone the same way that homeopathic remedies and flower essences do. The rays of the sun are used to potentise the healing energies of the crystal and transfer them into the water, which then forms the basis for the liquid essence remedy.

We test to determine if this modality is needed. We then determe the appropriate way to administer. The best healing scenerio to offer, frequently, is a blend of essences distilled from the crystals. This custom blend can be added to the drinking water or spritzed into the environment. Again, we test to determe the appropriate way to administer, the blend needed, the dose and the duration.
Crystals are inseperable from what all life forms are...
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Crystal Therapy